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Helping you live with less pain and more mobility.

What Makes Us Different?

Our Specialities

  • Comprehensive care for lymphedema
  • Spine pain and related conditions
  • Vestibular disorders
  • Vertigo and balance disorders
  • Complex headaches and TMJ disorders
  • Joint pain/dysfunction and sports injury/assessment

Time with Patients

Our clinic has remained dedicated to allowing an hour for professional time with each patient at each visit, if required by their condition.  You will have time to have your concerns met and thoroughly treated.

Commitment to excellence

  • Evidence based best practices
  • Case conferences to share experience and techniques
  • Thorough evaluations
  • Hands on exercise based treatments
  • Home programs for continued benefits


I have been practicing in Sacramento for the past 23 years and Motion Recovery Physical Therapy has exceeded my expectations with their expertise, caring, professionalism and ultimately their results as they interact and treat my patients.   I would highly recommend them with no reservations if your goal is patient satisfaction !!

Bayard W. Chang MD

Internal Medicine, Sutter Health, Sacramento, CA

Our Services

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image: physical-therapy-sacramento-manual-lymphedema-drainage-armFull Service Lymphedema Care for body, arms, and legs

Manual Lymph Drainage, thorough self-care instruction, skin care, compression bandaging when indicated and advanced compression garment selection and training.  

When initiated early, treatment is less time intensive and can halt or significantly slow lymphedema progression.  If initiated after swelling has progressed, treatment results can be astounding.

You are part of the recovery team.

image: physical-therapy-sacramento-lymphedemaEach treatment we initiate is mirrored with self-care at home to maintain or further progress results from treatment.  On a first visit we discuss treatment recommendations with timelines in 3 phases:

  1. reduction
  2. stabilization
  3. maintenance

These same therapists are well trained to work with axillary cording, shoulder ROM and strengthening to return to full activity after breast cancer surgery.


image: physical-therapy-sacramento-orthopedicThe best treatment stems from a thorough evaluation. Evaluation begins day one and continues at each visit so we can work on not just treating symptoms but the cause of those symptoms. Clinicians are skilled in both hands-on and exercise based evaluation and treatment.

You are a part of the recovery team.

Each treatment we initiate is mirrored with self-care at home to maintain or further progress results from treatment. Our goal is to reduce discomfort to allow for better strength and function at home.

What could you do with less pain and more mobility? Let us know!

Vestibular & Balance

image: physical-therapy-sacramento-balanceDizziness and imbalance from the vestibular system can impair your ability to move safely. We have therapists trained in assessing all aspects of the vestibular system including vertigo, BPPV, vision and proprioception with amazing, and in most cases, speedy results. Imbalance can also come from lack of flexibility, poor postural positioning and weakness. We can address all aspects of imbalance to improve safety and comfort moving in your environment.

You are a part of the recovery team.

Each treatment we initiate is mirrored with self-care at home to maintain or further progress results from treatment.

Check out our balance class if you need motivation or assistance to continue your care!

Headache & TMJ

image: physical-therapy-sacramento-headachesHeadaches can come from multiple sources including the cervical spine, occiput and TMJ to name a few. TMJ dysfunction can make it difficult to talk, eat and sleep. We have specialists to treat your pain and dysfunction thoroughly with innovative treatment and self-care instruction to reduce your pain and improve your ability to eat, sleep, talk and focus on what is important to you.

You are a part of the recovery team.

Each treatment we initiate is mirrored with self-care at home to maintain or further progress results from treatment.

Our Staff

Therapists are mentored and grounded in quality orthopedic assessment and treatment, and each therapist chooses specialties.

Amy Flinn
Katie Menke
Orthopedics, Lymphedema, Vestibular & Balance
Katie Menke
DeAnna Castleberry
DeAnna Castleberry
Mary Falconer
Orthopedics and Lymphedema
Mary Falconer
Yvonne Douglas
Orthopedics and Lymphedema
Yvonne Douglas
Celeste Lane
Celeste Lane

Top 10 Physical Therapists in Sacramento, CA 2015 Congratulations to Motion Recovery Physical Therapy for winning the 2015 Patients’ Choice Awards in Sacramento Physical Therapist Verified by

Following surgery and many other procedures for my breast cancer, I have found Motion Recovery to be one of the most caring and comfortable places to receive treatment.  I know that I am getting the best care and advice for my lymphedema and problems with range of motion in my shoulder.    I have been in many medical offices throughout my years living with metastatic breast cancer both here in Sacramento and in San Francisco, and Motion Recovery by far offers not only competent care, but also a comfortable environment where I look forward to my appointments.

- Susan

Patient Testimonial

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